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Light Lounge Littleton offers a happier pain free life with red light therapy beds in Littleton.
Rejuvenate Your Body with Red Light Therapy Beds

Sleep Improvement

Light therapy in Littleton tackles inflammation in the body caused by oxidative stress. Alleviating inflammation can help you achieve a more “restful” sleep state by helping your brain recover.

Red Light Therapy Beds in Littleton

We are pleased to utilize red light therapy beds as a research–backed, safe way to improve sleep improvement.

Most adults in Littleton need 7-9 hours of quality sleep each day to function efficiently. Between work, social activities and other day-to-day responsibilities, this can feel impossible. On top of life’s responsibilities, simply natural aging affects our ability to sleep well.

Why is sleep so crucial to health? Sleep decreases oxidative stress in our bodies. Oxidative stress can damage cells in our bodies, contributing to aging and possibly playing a role in the development of different health conditions. As we get older, we suffer from more oxidative stress in our bodies. So if your body is producing more oxidative stress, and you’re unable to get the sleep you need to combat it—well, the problem becomes clear.

Sleep Improvement with Red Light Therapy Beds

Light Therapy

Currently, there aren’t many effective sleep treatments widely available. Drug based treatments often have severe side effects. Behavioral training and meditation may help, but it also might not have any direct physiological effects. But the third option—light therapy—has shown real promise when it comes to improving sleep.

Several studies have shown light therapy has positive effects on sleep. In one study, researchers found light therapy improved the levels of serum melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, in the bodies of study participants. Others studies done with participants who suffer from sleep disorders or health conditions like migraines also showed great improvements in sleep habits.

A women standing in front of a red light sunset, learn the benefits of phototherapy in Littleton.
An elderly man laughing at a table with his friends, enjoying the benefits of Light Lounge Littleton.
Sleep Improvement with Red Light Therapy Beds

Inflammation Treatment

So, how does it work? Light therapy tackles inflammation in the body caused by oxidative stress. Alleviating inflammation can help you achieve a more “restful” sleep state by helping your brain recover. A healthy brain equals better sleep.

While there is still research to be done, a growing body of evidence suggests light therapy can improve a person’s ability to fall asleep, remain asleep and get quality sleep. Even better, it’s a non–invasive treatment option in Littleton.

If you’re ready to try and improve your sleep by searching for red light therapy beds in Littleton, Light Lounge has you covered.

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Recover. Restore. Renew.

Contact us today to schedule your free session of phototherapy in Littleton to boost your mental health.

Recover. Restore. Renew.

Contact us today to schedule your free session of phototherapy in Littleton to boost your mental health.

Light Therapy

Why Light Therapy

Light Therapy (or Photobiomodulation) is a non-invasive treatment that decreases oxidation, lowers inflammation, and helps your body stay healthy at the cellular level.

Clinically Proven

Over 500 clinical trials and over 4,000 laboratory studies have proven Light Therapy to be effective with no side effects. It can improve performance and heal tissues to treat the source of pain.

FDA Approved

Light Lounge™ uses only FDA approved medical grade light beds to ensure that you get the best treatment available on the market.


"The Light Lounge has been my savior. I had a bad ski accident about two years ago and I wasn't healing well. By the 5th session the pain was gone."

Lisa Marie

"I was referred to Light Lounge by my physical therapist, I would absolutely recommend this to family and friends."


"I have been coming to Light Lounge almost every day for two years. The joint pain I used to get in my shoulders is gone."


"I have had issues with my blood pressure for a little over two years. It comes down for about 3 days after I have been to Light Lounge."


"In the last year and a half I have had two knee replacement surgeries on the same knee. I had been frustrated with my pain and recovery, that's when I found Light Lounge. I no longer have to strongly rely on my opioid medication."


When light that is in the red, near infrared, and infrared spectra is applied to the body, inflammation and pain are decreased, and healing is accelerated. Light Therapy does this by reducing excessive oxidative stress at the cellular level with no documented nor reported negative side effects.

From folks who are suffering from chronic pain (Light Therapy can alleviate pain without drugs) to people who want to get more out of their training (Light Therapy can help increase performance and decrease recovery time).

Clinical trials and 4000 laboratory studies demonstrate that Light Therapy (also called photobiomodulation) has no negative side effects. It has been proven to heal soft tissue injuries, help with TBI, relieve pain without using harmful drugs and painkillers. For more evidence based information please see our BLOG.

To book the therapy session, please click here and schedule your time. First session is FREE!

Light Lounge is now in several locations! Please visit our Locations Page to see where you can visit a Light Lounge.

About Light Lounge

Hear From Our Local Littleton Customers

  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    I have Fibromyalgia and in the first few weeks of Light Therapy I stopped waking up achy
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    The Light Lounge in Littleton, Colorado is amazing! I have a shoulder injury. Between the beds and the local treatment, I was able to do my week-long sailing school pain free.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    my sister told me about red light therapy and the owner of rocky mountain laser college told me about Light Lounge. In anticipation of surgery, I went 4 times prior. I have much less pain and bruising as expected! Off the pain meds 5 days early. Getting my energy back quicker. Had to wait a week to go post surgery because I could not get in and out of the machine. Now planning on going to continue the help in healing and feeling good. Thanks to Dan and his crew this place is awesome
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    My experience at Light Lounge Littleton has been a wonderful addition to my routine. The space is so welcoming and peaceful and the treatments are supporting a shift in my brain that is difficult to describe! I am letting go of stress more easily and bothersome nervous habits have simply gone away. The fading of scars and improved skin tone is an extra bonus!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    While I was in town, I talked to Dan for quite a while about the benefits of red light therapy, and I am so glad that I did. He was patient with all of my questions, and he was knowledgable with all of his answers. This place is beyond pleasant, the staff are all caring, and they are willing to go the extra mile to help. The therapy, and my experience here, were both top notch!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Red light - my new addiction! Improves my osteoarthritis knee pain dramatically and allows faster recovery from my tennis! Staff is so friendly too.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Dan and Laura provided me and my wife a wonderful experience at their lounge. They were friendly, knowledgeable and you can instantly tell that they truly care about the customer experience and the results of their treatments. Can't recommend enough.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    The lounge is very bright and clean. The light pod is easy to use. The clinicians are professional and very knowledgeable. They ate always ready to answer questions. Ive used the pod and hand held and I’m feeling some improvement in a couple of weeks.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Awesome place that should be talked about more! They are great people too! Go give it a try.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    I am so excited about the opening of a Light Lounge so close to home! I’ve been to a few of these places and this one is by far the nicest space I’ve seen. I feel so rejuvenated and relaxed after each session while healing by body from past injuries in only a matter of twenty minutes. Sounds crazy but it works. The owners, Dan and Laura are also the coolest people, I’m super excited to see their smiling faces when I walk through the door! Thank you!!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Great atmosphere. I feel better every visit. Thank you!!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    I love the atmosphere at the Light Lounge! The staff is friendly and I feel rejuvenated after every session.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Amazing place, service and experience. Would recommend 💯.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    I have arthritis in all my joints & am bone-on-bone in my knees & hips & ruptured discs in lower back. Have tried MANY different therapies & procedures with little to no relief. Just started light therapy a week ago and am already getting some relief (after just 3 sessions). I will definitely keep going. The staff and owners are very supportive and knowledgeable. And the clinic is spotless. Hopefully I'll be walking without a cane soon! I'm so happy I found them!!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Fantastic service and the red light therapy really helped my tendonitis.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    The Light Lounge is a fantastic place and it has provided so many benefits to my health and well-being. Highly recommend
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    My visit to Light Lounge was more than I expected. The facility is spotless and welcoming. Everyone was helpful and ready to share a wealth of knowledge and research about the benefits of red light therapy. I will be back.
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    Red Light therapy is an amazing therapy. I started coming to Light Lounge for inflammation and I feel so much better! It also smoothes skin. Look up the many benefits of red light therapy! The owners and staff are so caring and helpful. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to get refreshed!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    I have been going to Light Lounge for a few months and feel it has been very beneficial. Dan and Laura are very caring and really want you to achieve optimal health benefits. Give it a try, I think it’s great!
  • {author_first_name} {author_last_name_abbrev}.
    I love Littleton Light Lounge and Red Light Therapy! I have learned so much about the health benefits of red light since joining in August, and have seen & felt positive changes in myself. Some of the things I've noticed the most are reduced inflammation, better circulation, decreased anxiety, better sleep, less depression, and overall just feeling healthier. Thank you Dan n Laura for opening this business and giving others the chance to become better versions of themselves. It's a no-brainer, get yourself to Light Lounge and experience for yourself what red light therapy can do for you!

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